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The Nkamanyi Football Initiative was created in Kumba by the Nkamanyi family in Germany, USA and Cameroon with the goal of supporting children in their birth city Kumba, Cameroon to learn and develop their skills in the game of football. Read more...


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At the moment, we accept only children in the following categories (Under 12, Under 14 and Under 16). We also accept girls under the age of 16. It is extremely important for us to get kids involved at tender ages - girls and boys Read more...


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We started in December 2013, but we have had a great number of events to look back to. Seeing the joy the kids get, we just want to continue creating activities to empower them. Read more....

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[02/05/2020] - The NFI shares branded masks and disinfectants to its players in the fight against the corona virus

In its continuous contribution to the fight against the deadly corona virus, the Nkamanyi Football Initiative (NFI), today Saturday 02nd May, distributed branded home-made masks and disinfectants to all its teams. The action was supervised and carried out by all staff of the NFI.

This action which was directly funded by its initiator, Clement Nkamanyi, with the aim of forstering the search for local solutions in the fight against the corona virus and also of creating awareness to having a spirit of community responsibility within the NFI. In this light, the disinfectants were produced by the Local Youth Corner Cameroon, an association which works in close collaboration with our NFI German partner (African Impulse e.V.). They used the recommendations of the ministry of public health to locally produce the disinfectants and transported them to Kumba. Meanwhile the masks themselves were produced by a tailor in Kumba and also branded with the NFI logo there.

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[18/04/2020] - The NFI fights Covid 19 - distributes masks within the BONE action

On Tuesday, April 14, the Nkamanyi Football initiative, led by its president, Nkamanyi Terence distributed free medial nose-masks to the Football family in Kumba geared towards fighting the Corona Virus (Covid 19). Orientation on what the guidelines are and how to follow them was also provided.

This action was carried out within the Framework of the BONE Initiative. BONE is an acronym for its creators Buea United, Options Sports Academy, Nkamanyi Football Initiative Kumba and EEMSA Tiko. The aim of the action is to combine their forces and use the popularity and reach of the sports to the youths in other to fight the Covid 19 pandemic within the youth target group. This action was carried out in Buea, Limbe and Tiko all led by their presidents.

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[25/03/2020] - The NFI goes on indefinite break due to the Corona Virus

The outbreak of the corona virus which has been declared as a pandemic has forced us to close our doors indefinitely in order to contain it.

The health of our athletes and the community is of great importance to us. With the corona virus pandemic affecting millions of people worldwide, we have stopped our activities and sent everyone home in order to help contain this virus and prevent its transmission

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[08/03/2020] - NFI II wins in division 3 league start

The NFI team 2 known as "NFI 2" defeated Never Say Never in their first SW Meme Division division 3 league game yesterday March 7 at the KAC Field.

The goals were scored at the 40.th , 50.th and 55.th minutes of the game.

This win reflects the sacrifice, energy and great work our staff is putting in training the next generation of players and preparing them for greater heights to come.

[06/02/2020] - NFi defeats Kumba Lakers in day 1 of division 2 league

The NFI Sky Boys defeated Kumba Lakers on Wednesday in day 1 of the SW division 2 league by 2-1.

Kumba Lakers took the lead and maintained it throughout the first half. In the second half the NFI became more aggressive with Ambalo heading in the equaliser. Fun Anthony then sealed the win minutes later. The NFI now tops the league and looks forward to the game against Nemfa FC.

This is the 3rd time both teams have played against each other this year and all games have gone in favour of the NFI

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